"Get Seen Boot Camp and Showcase" was designed with you the performer in mind.  We thought long and hard about how to make the most successful event our attendees could want. We talked to performers about what they would like to experience and we came up with an event like no other.



First, we are bringing some top training professionals to help you be prepared for the actual showcase. The part we call boot camp is designed to work on the all the area's of preparation that is key to helping you perform in your showcase.


By having you perform a Monologue or Scene and a Commercial , you get to show the industry people your best skills set. Performers with singing or dancing skills will get the chance to show those talents as well.


Our showcase is broken into 2 separate events. That means you get to perform your showcase to 2 different sets of Casting Directors, Agents and Managers. This gives the performer twice the chance of impressing a top level Agent, Manager  and Casting  Director.


The industry people are going to give direct feedback as to the areas of your performance. It might be the very thing that you've been wanting to know. The very thing that could help start booking roles.

2020 Get Seen Boot Camp and Showcase